In this thought-provoking book and the evocative short films that accompany it, Swarr, Gidoomal and Araujo convincingly present God as the master of oral communication. He spoke creation into being, revealed himself through symbol, ritual and celebration, and delights in the vast array of artistic expressions extending his kingdom around the world. The authors have also created an outstanding online learning platform that connects the principles of the book to a wide array of digital resources for further exploration and discovery. Together, this compendium of resources equips and inspires us to follow the eternal storyteller’s example in drawing from a range of artistic forms when communicating his story within our own communities and beyond.

Robin P. Harris, PhD., Director of Center for Excellence in World Arts at GIAL,
President of International Council of Ethnodoxologists

Dr. Romer MacalinaoWithout a doubt, this is the first book that presents a solid case for orality from the perspective of the whole Bible. It begins by identifying God as the Master Storyteller, continuing with the history of mankind and redemption in Christ and culminating with an invitation for everyone to enter in and participate in God’s story. As you read through this book, you can prayerfully pause and reflect at the different layers of spiritual depth, and see how you are challenged to respond. The visual and aural interjections embedded in this book intensify an understanding of orality which consequently inspires innovative strategies for the Great Commission. The Master Storyteller is a succinct biblical theology of orality. This is a highly recommended book and I am certain that it will be a breath of life that can invigorate every pastor, educator, theologian, missionary and believer as they fulfill the story of their lives in His Story.

Rev. Romerlito C. Macalinao, Ed.D., President/CEO of
Wycliffe Bible Translators Philippines, Inc.

God as the ‘Master Storyteller’ comes at a kairos time with great opportunity for the global church in advancing the Gospel across all cultures. Matthew’s account of the Great Commission has both a geo-ethnic and a generational implication for mission. In the power and presence of Christ, the church has a mandate to make disciples of ‘all nations’ and ‘to the very end of the age’. This double perspective must shape our missional approach as we partner, pray and plan in ‘teaching disciples to obey all the commands Jesus has given. God’s Word as the Great Story uniquely communicates to us in all languages, across all cultures and in all generations. I hope this book, with its engaging style and substance will challenge and release the creativity of a new generation of reflective mission practitioners to respond to the timely Cape Town Commitment call of “eradication of Bible poverty in the world and Bible ignorance in the church”. Here is a rich treasure for ​leaders, gatekeepers, and decision makers in the global church.​

Nana Yaw Offei Awuku, Director of Younger Leaders Generation (YLGen)
The Lausanne Movement