Do you believe the Bible speaks out loud?

Too often when we think about God, we confine him to the pages of a book, sitting quietly on our shelf. But the maker of the universe will not remain silent. Master Storyteller is designed to challenge and liberate people to see the God of the Bible as the greatest oral communicator of all, who sets the example of what is possible with the creative direction of the Holy Spirit. This book is a companion to three short films and an interactive digital learning platform, and can be used for personal and communal growth and discussion.

Three main themes are explored in this book and the accompanying films:

In the Beginning: God as an oral communicator

Remembering: His demonstration of a multiplicity of oral communication methods and the power they have to shape identity, families, communities and cultures

Through Us: Ways in which we can mirror God’s incredible creativity and vast array of oral tools to effect change and improve lives in our own settings

A Digital, Interactive Production

Master Storyteller is more than a printed book. Each of the three themes of the book is accompanied by a short film. Links to these films are embedded in the text and are an integral part of the content. For best understanding and presentation, it is intended that each film be initially viewed only at the point the reader comes across it within the body of the book.

Further, an interactive digital learning platform has been designed to facilitate personal and communal growth. Discussion questions, additional resources, and eventually further audio and video components will enable a growing dialogue.